About Me 

I am a sunny California native currently living my dream in Los Angeles. I have been performing since I was three years old. While I began by reenacting scenes from The Little Mermaid in my bedroom (or at a rock at the local zoo, or in my bathtub...) I quickly transitioned into theater and film and began working professionally at age 6.   

I attended an arts magnet school for my entire childhood. I grew up learning acting technique, various dance styles, puppetry, film making, and more. After graduating high school, I moved to Irvine, CA to earn my BA in Drama from UC Irvine. While there, I focused specifically on acting and film technique, movement work (Loui, Growtowski, Viewpoints) and voice (Fitzmaurice & Linklater). I also met the love of my life whom I am currently engaged to! Yay! 

I graduated college in 2016. While enrolled, I also studied at the British American Dramatic Academy in Oxford and The Esper Studio in New York in the summers. Since graduation, I have worked all over the country in theatrical productions.  I have also worked in film, television, and live events with companies such as Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal, and Walt Disney Studios. 

I love connecting with an audience. I love bringing characters to life and taking someone on their journey. Storytelling to me is such a unique gift, and whether its on screen, on stage, or in an interactive setting - I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. I am so excited to see what is next, and am incredibly grateful to be doing what I love each day while working with such awesome people. Thank you for visiting my page! 

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